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Sediment in Wine

Here at Kacaba Vineyards, we embrace a non-interventional natural approach to winemaking. As a result, you may occasionally discover crystals at the bottom of our wine bottles or on the cork. These are in fact a sign of quality and are commonly found in wines that are not fined, filtered or over-processed. These crystals are a natural precipitate of tartaric acid, an acid which is naturally occurs in plants like grapes, apricots, apples, bananas, avocados and tamarinds. (It is also added to other foods to give a sour profile, in health food it also serves as an antioxidant). We mature our wines in oak barrels to create gentleness, subtlety and complex flavours. The wines are then bottled and aged in a temperature-controlled environment. As the wine ages, tiny amounts of tartaric acid, tannin and colour precipitate.

 This precipitate is often referred to as Wine Diamonds or Wine Stones and are often sought out by wine aficionados. When serving fine wine such as ours we recommend that you leave the wine upright for a short time prior to pouring gently into glasses or even better into a decanter and leave the last few drops with the precipitate.

Click here for an article by an experienced wine writer as he describes the precipitate more extensively.

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