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Our Story

Kacaba Vineyards Winery is a premium small batch winery located on prime bench land of The Niagara Escarpment in Vineland, Ontario. Smaller batch sizes assure that focus is placed on producing wine of Merit. The Winemaker’s emphasis is placed on creating wines rich in aromas, deep in color and character with velvety finishes.

Kacaba wines are produced using only the finest grapes grown on the Kacaba estate or partnered grape growers from surrounding vineyards.  All Kacaba Vineyards wines are award winning and sell through quickly.


Kacaba Vineyards Winery is located on prime grape growing acreage on the Niagara Escarpment Bench in Vineland, Ontario. The Escarpment is actually the slope leading to the lake bed of the prehistoric lake that covered southern Ontario. It is a unique geographical area that sets up a circulating air flow whereby cold air naturally moves down the Escarpment and over Lake Ontario where it warms, rises and returns to heat the Escarpment.  This extends the frost free season through Spring and Fall, so that our grapes have longer hang time, and develop flavours while on the vine (referred to as "phenolic maturity" by wine afficianados).  

If you follow the Wine Route into Vineland, the gate to the winery is flanked by Niagara ledge rock and leads up a curved driveway lined with Sugar Maples. A silver bridge spans a ravine terraced and planted with one of Ontario's first major plantings of Syrah. On the other side of the ravine are rows of mainly Bordeaux reds with roses planted at the end of each. Once you are up there, the skyline of Toronto is visible across Lake Ontario.

The Niagara Escarpment Bench provides drainage for air, frost and water. All of these can have a negative effect on growing grapes. They drain down the Escarpment to the flats below and particularly in the case of frost, are eventually warmed by the waters of Lake Ontario and return to moderate the cold frosty nights in Spring and Fall or freezing nights during the winter. Grapes do not like wet feet and the acreage is under-drained to follow the natural slope. The Syrah planted ravine acts as a heat sink for this particular heat loving variety.

This is considered to be one of the nicest spots on the Escarpment and visitors are surprised and charmed to experience such a nice example of agricultural activity close to urban areas. A true preserve.


Kacaba Vineyard's philosophy is dependent upon small quantities. Our production is limited by our ability to handle and manage quantities that can be produced mainly by hand. Pumping is kept to a minimum and gravity is used for bottling and racking. This methodology is quite simple really - we lift our tanks and barrels with a forklift.

Our goal is to produce ultra-premium wines along with more moderately priced varieties necessary for the economic well being of a winery. Our wines are meant to be drunk at release or cellared depending on the variety and vintage. We are therefore striving to produce more fruit-driven wines and those with more finesse and character.

We strive to encourage sustainable agriculture which involves not only good husbandry of our lands but the proposition that agriculture is a valuable resource and ought to be maintained and encouraged.


The property on which the Vineyard is located was slated for subdivision by the previous owner. Michael Kacaba, a Toronto Bay St. lawyer, of Ukrainian descent and from a Saskatchewan background, was able to purchase the property in 1997. He immediately set to work in planting the present vineyard and establishing a winery for the first vintage in 1999. The history of the winery has been startling insofar as the wines have consistently gone on to win a substantial number of prestigious awards. The wines have very good recognition and acceptance by customers and restaurants as well as Canadian Embassies and Canadian Parliament. Our wines sell out regularly soon after their release.