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Terrace Vineyard Syrah 2013

Terrace Vineyard Syrah 2013



Estate Terraced slopes result in a unique micro climate and award winning wines. Made from premium grapes from our estate Terraced Vineyard on the Niagara Escarpment  Bench, this wine is crafted to reflect local terroir and distinct varietal characteristics.  Fermented in small lots, allowing for careful monitoring and direction of this small batch wine. A combination of punch-down and pump-over fermenting extracts firm tannins from the grapes without aggressive harshness. The process is also temperature controlled to achieve a balance between colour, tannin extraction and fruit flavours. The result is a wine with a high concentration of aromas, yet elegant and smooth. This award winning wine was aged in French & American oak barrels for 12 months prior to bottling to add greater complexity and round out its plush texture.

**SILVER MEDAL - Syrah du Monde (France) 2016