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Cabernet Franc Reserve 2010

Cabernet Franc Reserve 2010

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**GOLD MEDAL - Intervin International Wine Awards 2012

Full-bodied and smooth. Intense burst of ripe dark fruits on the palate, ripe currant on the nose.  Another fine example of a Niagara Cab Franc from a sweltering year. Cabernet Franc is one of Niagara's signature grape varieties and this wine is an excellent example of how it can be made into a complex, and age worthy wine. As all Kacaba Vineyard wines this 2010 Cabernet Franc was fermented in small lots, allowing for careful monitoring and direction. A combination of punch-down and pump-over fermenting extracts firm tannins from the grapes without aggressive harshness. The process is also temperature controlled to achieve a balance between colour, tannin extraction and fruit flavours.

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